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July 2019

In June 2014 I lost one of my sweetest friends ever. My weenie dog Molly. She was 16 years old and had lived with me since she was 6 weeks old. She was sweet and loving, but had a mind of her own. It started out to be the kids' dog, but when they grew up and got married and went off to college then Molly became mine. That's one of the reasons I offer Pet Check with my business. Most of the people in our lives have a pet of some sort and they consider it to be part of the family. They are special in so many ways and always leave a print on our heart no matter how long or how short of a time that we have them.

My Aunt Peggy and Uncle Sammy had a cat named Stoney that traveled with them everywhere in their camper. That cat saw more of America than I ever will! Sadly, he passed away a few weeks ago, but he was older and had had the best life traveling to all the different states with them. They do miss him terribly, But Stoney will be able to tell all the other animals at Rainbow Bridge about his travels. I feel certain that Molly was there to greet him!

With all of this being said, I do offer a Pet Check for those of you who are not able to take your pets with you whenever you have to go somewhere. Whether it's a day trip or a week-long trip, you can count on me to check in on your pet and make sure they are doing fine till you get back. I know that with July and August being the biggest Vacation times that some of you out there may already be dreading the idea of asking a neighbor to check on your dog or cat, or asking a relative or one of your adult kids to swing by to check in on them. Wait though! Don't make this a stressful situation for yourself! Just simply Leave It to Babs and I guarantee that your sweet animals will be just fine.

The way I find that works the best is that if you call me then I will come by a day or two before you are scheduled to leave to get to know the dogs/cats/pets. Give them time to check me out and you and I time to go over what your routine is for them so that we can keep everything as normal as we can.
I usually do a pet check 3 times a day. First thing in morning around 8 am. Second time around 2 pm and then the last check at night around 8 pm. These are times I try to go by, but they can be altered when it comes to your routine of feeding your dog/cat/pet. I also throw in a little extra to help by bringing in your mail/pkgs, newspaper, or setting trash out on the street for trash day. So call me and then you can have a stress-free summer!

Summer Weddings, Vacations, BBQ's and more...........

June 2019

I can't believe it's already June ! Where has the time gone?
Most people around this time are thinking "Wow,summer is upon us and I am NOT ready!" Well for some things we are ready. Its time for School to be Out, shorts and tank tops, lots of swimming, baseball, watermelon, Sno-Cones and don't forget the Ice Cream! Remember the Orange Push Up? Its still one of my favorites after all these years! Now that I have mentioned the things you ARE ready for, lets get back to the ones that you ARE NOT ready for, or at least you think you aren't. I think we start to panic because we want everything to be perfect and yet there never seems to be enough Help. I'm talking about those precious Engagement Parties, the gorgeous Summer Weddings, the Backyard BBQ get togethers (with lots of sweet tea) and that Summer Vacation that you are still in the process of planning. At first you get so excited about it all, but before you know it you feel that overwhelming feeling starting to creep in. Then comes the Stress! Well that's ok because this is where I can help.
Whether you are a big Family, a Single Mom or Dad, Grandparents, New Moms or Dads, Couples, whatever the case may be WE all need help sometime.

The Weddings and Engagement Parties........I can run errands that you don't have time to do or better yet that you don't want to do. I can pick up out of town guests or relatives from the airport and deliver them to your home or hotel. I can take a list of grocery items and get everything bought, delivered and put away without you having to worry about any of it. I can address and mail out invitations, help you set up the house or venue for the actual party, last minute runs to flower shops, snacks, and drinks. And don't forget the ice!

The Summer Vacations............... You do the planning and Ill help with everything else. Running errands for last minute lists that need to be completed before closing that last suitcase, getting ice chests filled with ice and drinks, making sure your car is filled with gas and the oil has been checked before hitting the road if you are driving. If you are flying then I would make sure that you arrive at the airport on time with tickets and luggage. While you are out of town I can also check on your pets to make sure that they are fed and loved while your away. I can also provide a House Check making sure that the mail and newspaper are brought in, plants are watered, and packages are picked up. Now normally when people return from a vacation and they first get home , they are tired and do not want to run errands the minute they get back. So of course there is no food or drink because you didn't go before leaving town. BUT that's something I could take care of for you. I could actually stock your fridge and pantry while you're gone. Then you can come home and skip that run to the store.

Did someone say T-Ball.........ok so its your turn to bring the snacks and drinks to the game. BUT you forgot! EEEkk!!! Call me and I can deliver that right to the game. Yep! I am a mother and a Grandma. I have been a witness to this very thing. Kids are adorable, but when they get thirsty they want their juice box right then!!

So let's all get ready for a wonderful stress free Summer. Just remember when you need some help its perfectly alright to ask for it. Throw the words "I am just not ready for this " out the door with the dish water as my grandmother use to say. And replace it with "Lets do this" !!
Just Leave It To Babs. You will be glad you did!